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bring a piece of original art into your home.


Photo Credit: Milou and Olin Photography

Art of Satan has a dual purpose. It was initially inspired when I drove by an Adopt a Highway sign in Lake County, CA that simply read, “Psalm 24.” The Adopt a Highway program is part of a state agency that has clear regulations about signage. Unless “Psalm 24” is the name of a business (I failed to find any business in CA with this name), the regulations prohibit a sign like this. I was affronted! As a non-Christian, I am concerned that the beliefs and values of Christianity will be allowed to seep into many facets of life and law in the United States, alienating and even offending non-Christians. So, wanting to create a little hell, I spawned Art of Satan and adopted a stretch of highway on two sides of Interstate 5 in Redding, CA. It is a litter adoption, and six times a year I will be picking up litter, helping to keep the beautiful city of Redding a cleaner place. Art of Satan will be supporting national religious pluralism causes that arise, and finding ways to be of service in local Northern CA towns.


Art is the other purpose! My goal is to sell art and make money for artists. Artists are undervalued. Most artists I know must work traditional 9 to 5 jobs that they aren’t in love with, and then spend their “free” time pouring their hearts into what really makes them tick. Art is so important, and buying art that conveys passion, emotion and meaning is WAY COOLER than filling up your wall space with boring, mass produced rubbish from your local strip mall. I want all types of art on Art of Satan. Eventually, I would like people to come to Art of Satan and be able to buy a still life, a landscape, a profane political piece, an abstract, or something “Satanic!”

                                                                  Colleen Orange Adams

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